Hiking to Materuni Waterfall with Coffee Tour Near Moshi Town , tour price starting from 90$per person.

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Materuni village is an authentic Chagga village which is only 15 kilometers from Moshi Town Something makes  this  one among the closest activities day tour to do around  Moshi Town. The village hosts a unique waterfall which is more than 70 meters high  this makes materuni waterfall one among the unique  activities in Tanzania especially those who likes nature hiking with coffee tour.  On arrival to the village, you will meet a local coffee farmer and learn how they grow their coffee, from farm to cup. If it is coffee harvesting season you will be able to participate in coffee berry picking and grinding while making your own cup of coffee. At noon a chagga tribe traditional lunch will be served before hiking to the amazing water waterfall for breath-taking views and a refreshing swim.

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Program itinerary

Materuni waterfalls Hiking tour
Coffee Berry pulping,
Chagga coffee farms and banana plantations
Scenic View of Mount Kilimanjaro if weather permits

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Skill Level Required

Normal physical health required.

Equipment needed

Good hiking boots, swimming suit, comfortable clothes ,sunglasses , sun protections, Camera.

Meals and Drinks

Warm buffet of traditional Tanzanian specialties prepared by our local mamas,
drinking water and seasonal fruits are included.

Children Options

Children are allowed to join the tour. Please note that there is a considerable amount of walking

Transfer Options

Transfer included in the price Children up to the age of 5 are free of charge if accompanied by 1 paying adult per child.
Children from 6-10 year get a discount of 50% on the normal price.

Other Services

Handicrafts from local crafters are available around the village at the crafters' homes.



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