5 Days - 4 Nights Cultural Experience

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Enjoy the natural monkey forest and fresh air at the middle of the tour while participating in fighting climate change through a one trip one tree campaign which allows visitors to plant their own tree after the tour.

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Discover Maasai & Chaga people.
Tasting local foods & local brews.
Coffee Arabica preparation and tasting.
Discovering bananas.
Nature experience.
Travel with locals.
Homestay experience.
about people’s lifestyles and cultures.

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    First Day


    Insight on local life off-the-beaten paths.
    Discover the tasteful refined taste of banana beer.
    Meet devoted banana farmers.
    Explore the astounding Chagga caves.
    Enjoy a tasteful hot local lunch.
    Visit Wachagga ritual sites and ancestors’ domicile.
    Dancing with locals.


    At 8:00 am Drive from Moshi up to Mkuu.
    At the arrival, you will get a brief about Mkuu Cultural Tourism before visiting the Chagga original house which is made of grass and wood sticks covered with dried grasses with only one door and windowless. you will participate in Chagga traditional dance where you will dance with local women, also you will get an insight into Chagga cultural objects which show the historical development of Chagga people and technological advancement. From there you will visit the Chagga bolt hole (man-made cave) used by Chagga people many years back to hide from intruders and enter tribal wars, you will get a chance to enter inside and learn about pre wars techniques used by Chagga people, afterward visit banana beer family and learn how it’s made and get a chance to taste this local brew, from the banana beer experience you take hot local lunch, later end up the day by visiting Chagga ritual sites and ancestors domicile an overnight stay at home stay .
    After breakfast the following morning driving to monkey forest in moshi

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    Second Day


    Discover the monkey’s forest near Moshi.
    Enjoy and breathe fresh air.
    Enjoy a delicious home-cooked hot lunch.
    Plant your first tree in Africa.
    Take part in a forest clean walk tour.


    Tour to start at 9:30 am. After breakfast
    After breakfast you will start your day by visiting Rau Forest reserve, you will drive up Rau Eco & Cultural tourism office near Moshi, they will take you to Rau groundwater forest reserve for the botanical tour, a chance to enjoy the natural forest and fresh air, a chance to see Colobus guereza, Sykes Monkeys, some native trees which are used as traditional medicines by local, rice farming experience, coconut water, and hot local lunch. Later after lunch, we will participate in our campaign One Trip - One Tree where you will be able to plant your tree to protect the forest and help fight against climate change and absorb Carbon dioxide. After the tour, an overnight stay at rau in hostays
    After breakfast in the next day we will driving to lyamungo Chagga village

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    Third Day


    At 9:30 arriving to the village for briefing about the program
    This tour will take you to visit these beautiful scenic places in the village, banana tour experience, banana. This tour will give you a full demonstration about bananas from growing, uses, and cooking, see different medicine plants, preparation of your own Kilimanjaro coffee including all steps and tasting.
    Tour will end at 4:30 pm. dinner and overnight in a homestay family

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    Fourth Day


    Meet a passionate female guide.
    Hiking around the Chagga home gardens.
    Enjoy delicious hot local cuisine.
    Hiking to the waterfalls


    On arrival at the village we will get briefing about the village , the tour will start early, with a hike to the waterfall around the village, you will pass through Chagga home gardens with full of bananas to the waterfall, from the waterfall Machame gate of Mount Kilimanjaro, get to know facts about Mount Kilimanjaro, monkeys, and birds can be spotted around.
    For dinner and overnight in-home stay at the village
    After breakfast following day we will take a drive to Rundugai village for Maasai and swimming excursions

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    On the Fifth Day


    A visit to the real Maasai village outside tourist crowds.
    Dress like a Maasai.
    Dance with Maasai.
    Swimming at Kikuletwa hotsprings


    The tour starts at 09:30 am
    Arrive at Rundugai Cultural tourism office for a brief before starting the tour in Rundugai Village, the tour will take you through the Maasai boma cultural experience to learn about their culture which is based on the age-set system, in this tour, we will have a chance to interact with Maasai people to know each other culture, asking questions between visitors and Maasai people and dancing with them, at noon we will break for hot local lunch then proceed to the swimming springs for body refreshing before ending the tour at Rundugai.

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