Kikuletwa Hot Springs with Maasai Boma cultural experience, tour price starting from 110$ per person.

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A journey to Tanzania, enriched with an immersive Maasai tribe cultural experience, allows you to delve deep into the heart of true African cultural life. As you set out on Boma Road toward the village, you'll embark on a cultural adventure that combines the heritage of the Maasai Boma and the natural splendor of Kikuletwa Hot Springs. These springs, often known as Kikuletwa Hot Springs Tanzania, offer a serene oasis amidst the African landscape. After immersing yourself in the Maasai way of life, including activities like livestock keeping, water fetching with donkeys, milking animals by hand, and lively Maasai dances, a well-deserved traditional Tanzanian lunch awaits you. This culinary experience is a taste of the local culture, adding a delightful dimension to your journey.

At Kikuletwa Maasai, you'll witness the Maasai people's traditions up close, receiving a warm welcome and a glimpse into their daily life. Kikuletwa swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the springs is a perfect contrast to the cultural activities, allowing you to rejuvenate and appreciate the serene beauty of the environment. This unique combination of the Maasai Boma and the enchanting Kikuletwa Hot Springs offers a comprehensive cultural immersion, where you can savor traditional Maasai food, participate in rhythmic Boma Maasai dances, and truly connect with the rich cultural heritage of this vibrant community. Kikuletwa Cultural Tourism brings together the best of both worlds, providing a holistic experience that leaves you with a profound understanding of Maasai culture, along with a sense of relaxation from the captivating Kikuletwa swimming adventure.

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Program itinerary

Maasai traditional dances
Visiting Maasai boma
Kikuletwa Hot springs swimming,
Eating local specialties
Meeting local people

    Programs not listed!

Skill Level Required

Normal physical health Required, Swimming skills

Equipment needed

Swimming suit, comfortable shoes and clothes, sun protection, sunglasses, camera.

Meals and Drinks

A warm lunch of local specialties prepared by our local mamas, water and seasonal fruits are included. Additional charge for soft drinks and other beverages.

Children Options

Children from 12 years are allowed to join the tour.

Transfer Options

Transfer included in the price

Other Services

Handicraft from local crafters available around the village at the crafters homes.



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