African local food cooking class, Tour price ranging from 80$ per person.

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Are you planning a rejuvenating vacation in Tanzania Food day trip and eager to explore the vibrant world of Tanzanian cuisine? With over 120 tribes, each with its unique culinary traditions rooted in their geographical locations, you're in for a diverse and delectable culinary journey. Whether you're embarking on an adventurous Mount Kilimanjaro climbing expedition or immersing yourself in the wonders of a Tanzania wildlife safari, seize the opportunity to enrich your journey with our immersive Tanzania Local Food Tour.

In this captivating cooking workshop, you'll unlock the art of preparing authentic Tanzanian dishes guided by our skilled and knowledgeable mama chefs. Discover the well-kept secrets of a traditional African kitchen as you become a connoisseur of local cuisine. Our expert team is dedicated to teaching you the intricate preparation of iconic Tanzanian dishes like Brown Rice (Pilau), Chapati, Beef Stew, Ugali, and other mouthwatering delights. Savor the rich cultural tapestry of Tanzanian food and embrace the quintessential Tanzanian meal experiences you've been yearning for. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to indulge in the diverse flavors of Tanzania during your remarkable journey.

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Program itinerary

Meet passionate local mama chefs
Enjoy delicious organic local foods
Veggies, fruits and herbs straight from the fresh green farm
Enjoy enchanting songs

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Skill Level Required

Normal physical health required.

Equipment needed

Swimming suit, good hiking boots. Comfortable clothes, sun protection, sunglasses, camera.

Meals and Drinks

Warm buffet lunch of traditional Tanzanian specialties prepared by you by the supervision of our local mamas.
Drinking water and seasonal fruits are included.
For special meals such as Vegetarian meals, gluten-free, food allergies, and other food requirements, please let us know in advance.
Additional charge for soft drinks and other beverages.

Children Options

Children are OK throughout the program. Please note that there are considerable amounts of walking.

Transfer Options

Transfer included in the price

Other Services

Handicraft from local crafters available around the village at the crafters homes.



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